Having grown up in Italy and in the US for the most part of my life, my true passion was always to bring to Israel something for everyone that could easily improve your life with style. Having found IZIPIZI PARIS, I immediately fell in love and became an avid consumer as glasses were no longer just glasses but added a lot of chic to my life!!! I immediately realized that on the basis of this brand I would be able to build a platform that incorporates desirable lifestyle products suitable for each and every one of us!

I believe that good things don’t have to cost a fortune and when they don’t you appreciate them even more :-)

In 2016 I launched a new concept of importing Life Style products, which on the one hand are very high positioned and are located in the world's leading fashion and lifestyle stores and on the other hand are priced for everyone. My vision is to build an import platform of successful and innovative brands and sell them to points of sale throughout Israel. The first brand that I imported to Israel was IZIPIZI and immediately joined by two other brands, theLine and OMY. The three brands can be found in very exclusive fashion and lifestyle stores in Israel.

Iris Caspi

IZIPIZI is the new brand name of SEE CONCEPT, a Parisian brand of reading and sunglasses. The brand was born 6 years ago by three founders, Charles Brun, Quentin Couturier and Xavier Aguera, who observed their parents' constant struggle to locate their reading glasses. They came up with idea that reading glasses should be more stylish, fun and fashion oriented. As soon as the glasses were introduced into the market they were a huge success as they were very chic while only costing a fraction of other bands. 

Since their introduction they have launched a sunglass line for adults, children and babies that have sold tremendously well among style conscious fashionistas. IZIPIZI is sold in more than 60 countries in high-end fashion and accessories boutiques and exclusive department stores such as Colette, Merci, Bon Marche, Selfridges, Harrods, Bloomingdale's, MoMa and Rinascente.




theLine is a Parisian brand of silhouettes for city lovers. The original idea came from a stunning picture taken by the father of the founder, Antoine Daniel, when he was sailing off the coast. The sun was rising, and its orange light clearly contrasted the silhouette of Marseilles. Antoine got immediately inspired by that contrast: he drew the outline of the city silhouette, had it cut in a sheet of steel, and nailed it to a wall at home. Through this first Line, Antoine understood how strong the connection is between people and the places where they traveled or lived: all of his friends and relatives also wanted their Lines, either to get a piece of their home town, or souvenirs from their best trips...

A few months later, in September 2015, he decided to develop the concept by founding theLine, and started to decline the original idea to other iconic cities all around the world.


theLine turns iconic cities into beautiful, timeless lines, either black or golden, small or large. Every city has its own history and a unique silhouette. The Line finds the most detailed and beautiful points of view over the cities and draws their lines as close as to reality. With its aesthetic and minimalist design, the line can be both a decorative object in your home or office and a perfect gift.

In July 2017 theLine introduced Jerusalem.

TheLine is sold worldwide in a variety of leading design and lifestyle stores, including Selfridges, Harrods, Bon Marche, Galeries Lafayette, Guggenheim Bilbao, La Rinascente, Cibone, Merci and more.



OMY is a Parisian brand that creates and designs joyful and smart products for the entire family. Decorating becomes a game, a moment where friends and family can create and share together. Each product can be easily recognized by the remarkable sizes - from tiny to giant, the bright colors and fun sense of humor.

Behind OMY are two graphic designers: Elvire Laurent and Marie-Cerise Lichtlé. They share the same artistic sensibility and passion for design, and after graduating from the Arts Déco in Paris, they decided to open their own graphic arts studio. In 2012, they felt the need to change their approach to design. The logical step was to develop their own range of products. They imagined a new creative concept in an unexpected and original format, which today has become their classic: the giant coloring roll.

All of OMY products are imagined and designed with love in their Paris studio, where special care is taken in selecting each material and the originality for each item. OMY products are sold in over 65 countries around the world and are located in leading design and fashion stores and museums around the world such as: Bon-Marche, Merci, MoMa, Barnes & Noble, La Rinascente and more.